07 January 2011


o, last night I joined Weight Watchers. I guess those Jennifer Hudson commercials got to me. This is not the first time joining WW, but hopefully, it’s the one that counts. I believe I am in the right mindset this time for positive results. I’m not looking for the “quick fix” or “miracle cure”…just a little guidance. The PointsPlus program seems like it would be fairly easy to follow…but I am worried that maybe it is a little too much freedom. I haven’t been to the gym yet this year…but I plan on getting started this weekend. I got a wakeup call when I went to the doctor on the 30th. First off, I didn’t just have a “cold”, I actually had bronchitis. And my weight was….alot J.  And I NEED to take iron supplements—my iron levels are at the lowest, and the low-iron is the reason why I am tired all the time.  Point blank, the doctor said I will not begin to feel better [in general], until I get my iron up. So...as much as I hate taking pills, I’m taking the iron.

For 2011, I want to :

ü  continue art journaling
ü  start working out consistently
ü  eat healthy
ü  complete a novel
ü  quit smoking
ü  learn how to draw faces
ü  practice photography
ü  develop a consistent writing habit
ü  make journaling a habit
Did I leave anything out? And on top of all this, I need to get my home clutter free, work full-time, and give quality time to my children. I totally realize there are only 24 hours in the day…and a good portion of those hours are devoted to work. But I will do what I can, when I can.

I have not worked in my art journal every day, and I’m not beating myself up about it. I’ve missed a couple of days of my Project 365 too, but instead, I’ve been working on my novel…so I’m still being creative, just in a different medium.

Tonight, the plan is to visit my art journal and play a little bit. After that I need to do some more brainstorming/research for my novel. Making up little to-do’s of what I want to do/feel like doing that day really seem to help me a lot. I don’t feel overwhelmed, as I do when I look at that list up there. LOL Of course, some things (like working out) go beyond The List, and just need to happen—no excuses.

BABY STEPS…that’s how I will reach my goals.

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Amanda Trought said...

Deb, Great to be here, hope your feeling better, definitely try and get those levels up. Try some pulses such as lentils, they are high in iron. Impressive list by the way, definitely little steps, but you are going to reach them. How did the journalling go? Stay blessed Amanda