07 January 2011


o, last night I joined Weight Watchers. I guess those Jennifer Hudson commercials got to me. This is not the first time joining WW, but hopefully, it’s the one that counts. I believe I am in the right mindset this time for positive results. I’m not looking for the “quick fix” or “miracle cure”…just a little guidance. The PointsPlus program seems like it would be fairly easy to follow…but I am worried that maybe it is a little too much freedom. I haven’t been to the gym yet this year…but I plan on getting started this weekend. I got a wakeup call when I went to the doctor on the 30th. First off, I didn’t just have a “cold”, I actually had bronchitis. And my weight was….alot J.  And I NEED to take iron supplements—my iron levels are at the lowest, and the low-iron is the reason why I am tired all the time.  Point blank, the doctor said I will not begin to feel better [in general], until I get my iron up. So...as much as I hate taking pills, I’m taking the iron.

For 2011, I want to :

ü  continue art journaling
ü  start working out consistently
ü  eat healthy
ü  complete a novel
ü  quit smoking
ü  learn how to draw faces
ü  practice photography
ü  develop a consistent writing habit
ü  make journaling a habit
Did I leave anything out? And on top of all this, I need to get my home clutter free, work full-time, and give quality time to my children. I totally realize there are only 24 hours in the day…and a good portion of those hours are devoted to work. But I will do what I can, when I can.

I have not worked in my art journal every day, and I’m not beating myself up about it. I’ve missed a couple of days of my Project 365 too, but instead, I’ve been working on my novel…so I’m still being creative, just in a different medium.

Tonight, the plan is to visit my art journal and play a little bit. After that I need to do some more brainstorming/research for my novel. Making up little to-do’s of what I want to do/feel like doing that day really seem to help me a lot. I don’t feel overwhelmed, as I do when I look at that list up there. LOL Of course, some things (like working out) go beyond The List, and just need to happen—no excuses.

BABY STEPS…that’s how I will reach my goals.

05 January 2011

new year

I'm not one for New Year's resolutions, simply because I'm not that great at the follow-through. However, that being said, I am taking, or planning to take [small] steps to get to my goals. I want to finish a novel this year. I need to lose ~90 pounds, and I want to continue in my Art Journaling this year.

Four days into 2011, and I've not been to the gym (yet), but only because I'm recovering from bronchitis. I have a new novel idea Im brainstorming, and I'm flip-flopping between 3 or 4 art journals. I know my self well enough that, if I were to make an "I must..." statement, that's a sure guarantee that I will subcobsciously rebel against it.

I am not perfect, and I admittedly do not have a very happy life right now. But I am not content to stagnate, and I expect these small steps, added up at the end of 2011 will equal significant change in my life.

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