24 March 2010

more backgrounds

I did a couple of more background pages.  I've not done much collaging or actual journaling, but I'm enjoying the "prep" process. I want to try everthing!  I'm hoping to take Julie Prichard's Super Nova and Layer Love classes really soon.

This one was done with some fountain pen inks...Diamine and J. Herbin, I think...The top left corner was Gris Nuage, the light blue is Diamine Turquoise.  I don't remember what the darkish blue one was, and the dried blood color at the bottom is I think Caran d'Ache Storm.

This next one is done in blue and gold acrylic paint, which I scraped with an old credit card.  I love the way it came out!  Definitely will use this technique again.

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milkcan said...

Awesome backgrounds! So glad you're going to be a part of Art Journal Every Day!